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SUP Lessons

SUP Hire

Rock Up And Ride

Pitch Up And Paddle

SUP Lessons

We offer tailored lessons and packages for everyone looking to learn. 

SUP Hire

You can now hire paddle boards from Ocean Monkeys so get in touch and we can put together a package for you.

Rock Up & Ride

Group paddle boarding events where we go touring the coasts are a must. We hold many events throughout the year so get in touch and we can arrange something with you.

Pitch Up & Paddle

Are you a beginer looking to try a paddle board? Look no further, get in touch and we can arrange a pitch up and paddle event for you and a group of friends to give it a try.

Ocean Monkeys

We offer bespoke lessons and hire packages to suit beginners right through to the most experienced Paddle Boarders!

Get In Touch

Want to discus Paddle Boarding? Or need some advice on choosing a Paddle Board? Then give us a call 01803 322097

Try it out with Ocean Monkeys SUP in Torquay Devon all equipment is provided

If you’ve purchased a board and are trying it alone – Follow these basic TIPS

  • Find a calm piece of water with no tidal current and a day with little or no wind.
  • Start on your knees before you get to your feet, to find your confidence and balance.
  • When standing up, make sure your toes are facing forwards, feet parallel and approx shoulder width apart
  • Stand up and paddle with straight arms looking forward not down at your feet.
  • And remember if you start loosing your balance your paddle will help stabilize you.
  • Avoid offshore winds – they will blow you far from shore and are difficult to fight against.
  • Check the tides – do you know how the currents and tides effect your location?
  • Don’t paddle alone – stay safe and paddle with a friend (or make sure you tell others where you’re paddling).
  • Don’t use the board in surf until you are confident.
  • Start small to get your confidence in the waves, and avoid busy beaches.