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You may or may not know us but we are passionate about what we do, easy going and always keen to help with or discuss anything SUP related.

we specialise in hard sup Boards

Ocean Monkeys specializes in SUP hard boards. Although Ocean Monkeys is new to the UK, many of our board designs are already tried and tested in North American and Australian waters.

When designing an Ocean Monkey SUP boards our first thought is always quality. Yes, there are many other factors we still consider during the design and production of our boards but we truly believe focusing on quality has to come first. This then gives us the belief that once you meet, handle and try an Ocean Monkey SUP boards you will be hard pushed to find a better ride.

Don’t just take our word for it though. With showrooms open in Torquay and soon Totnes, or try our free ‘Rock Up & Ride’ events this summer, it does not matter if you’re a total beginner, weekend warm weather rider or total SUP addict, we would love to meet you and introduce the Ocean Monkey board range.

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Better Build quality

Our boards are built to the highest standard with full length stringers, reinforced rails & decks, closed cell virgin EPS, fiberglass, Carbon fiber & real wood veneer multi-layer wraps,

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Shaped To Perfection

All our boards are first machine cut and then hand finished to give each board a high-end finish but still retain a small amount of ‘Soul’. Each Ocean Monkey range has a different shape specific to that ranges proposed usage.

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Finnishing Touches

An Ocean Monkey board has to be seen in the flesh to appreciate it fully. Websites and pictures can only show and say so much. If you truly want to appreciate the finish of an Ocean Monkey board you simply have to meet one, you will not be disappointed.

We offer a range of boards

But we don’t stop there. We design our paddles and fins to work seamlessly with our boards.

Boards Styles