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Ocean Monkeys pitch up and paddle events seem to be getting even more popular. so if your interested and want your name down for the next one please feel free to give us a call and we can add you to the list.

Atlantic Spider 11'4 Paddle Board

Ah look at me ! so majestic ha ha.
I myself went with the the Atlantic spider SUP it has the speed being only 30″ wide, stability being 11’4″ long and with a depth of 4.5″ it glides over the water with ease.

Indian Marmoset 12'6 Carbon Fiber SUP Board

Andy had fun paddling through the under water forests.
With the carbon fiber 12’6 race board and 26.75″ the thinnest in the range there is no stopping it, it fly’s through the water.

Indian Tamarin 12'6 Paddle Board

It was Ben’s first time out.
And i think it’s safe to say he caught the SUP bug. The 12’6 Big Boy Indian Tamarin is perfect as family or yoga board as it’s 33″ wide and can carry some pretty good weight.

Pacific Emperor 10'6 SUP Paddle Board

it was also Anna’s first time on the water.
With the 10’6 bamboo pacific emperor my second favorite board as it has the right width for pretty much any rider level. For an easy comfortable paddle.

Indian Macaque 12' Fishing Paddle Board

Ah Harry on the fishing board.
Now although this was designed as a fishing i really like this as a paddle board, it’s fast and it’s stable. And just happens to have the ability to become a fishing board.

Pacific Red Tail 10'6 SUP Paddle Board

And of course dolly’s favorite.
The 10’6 pacific red tail mixes the the smaller size of the emperor with the width and speed of the spider.

Southern Barbary 9' Surf Paddle Board

Madeline on the surf board.
A nice surf board it has sharper rails and quad fin setup for catching those waves.