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Adjustable Carbon Fiber Paddle


If you only want one paddle then look no further. This is a fully adjustable two piece carbon fibre paddle. Designed to be a high performance all round paddle for both distance, surfing and down wind paddling. This paddle is constructed from UHN bi axel carbon fibre and real Acacia veneer. This paddle has a full carbon handle, shaft and blade and is combined with the brilliant TXC rapid clamp which is super strong but makes it child’s play to adjust the paddle length quickly, easy and accurately before or during your paddle. This allows the paddler to use only one paddle for multiple types of paddling such as distance or surfing to suit their style and stroke.

Fully closed the paddle measures 1770mm. Fully extended the paddle measures 2200mm

If needed the paddle can be split into two separate parts. When split the paddle with shaft measures 1685mm. The handle measures 620mm.

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Ocean Monkeys adjustable pure full carbon fibre paddle. Nothing but light weight high performance carbon fibre and the brilliant TXC rapid clamp to make the ultimate two piece carbon SUP paddle.


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